Pablo Gallo




Boy meets camera. Boy falls in love with camera.

I live, breathe and dream about visual storytelling. It all started when I was four years old. My family and I lived in a small town in the countryside of Colombia. My dad told me that we were going to travel to an amazing place that was more than a hundred hours away, and that we were going to go back that same night. I remember entering a dark room, holding my dad’s hand with fear, and then sitting in an old church bench, amazed by the silence that filled the air. Suddenly a ray of golden light passed next to me. I could see tiny particles flowing through the air. My eyes followed their path as if they knew just where to take me. That night I travelled to the Dolomites, I met a bear cub on his journey back home, I lived a thousand adventures full of joy, sadness and more. And just as my dad had promised, a few hours later, I was back at our house. That is how I met cinema, watching Jean-Jacques Annaud´s The Bear photographed by Philippe Rousselot, in a little town’s church that only for that evening had allowed the screening of a movie for the first time ever in the town’s history.


The more important an activity is to your soul's evolution, the more resistance you will feel.

Steven Pressfield - The Art of War


When I was a teenager I explored telling my own stories no matter the medium, photography, video, or even theater.  A few years later, I traveled to the United States to study filmmaking, specializing in Cinematography. I had the great luck to go to film school when film was still being shot.  I discovered the chemical process that was more magic than anything else, so transitioning to video and digital was a whole new experience. Then, a few years later, I saw in Abril’s eyes, my 4 year old daughter, the same amusement that I felt when I was 5, as she watched her first movie.

I have worked as a director of photography in advertising, documentaries and narrative films. The  need to learn more, to educate myself and to become better at telling my director’s story is always a priority. I love having the opportunity to make myself part of a story that allows others to feel the same joy I  first felt when I was 5 years old,  and that I still continue feeling when I photograph the wonders of this world and its inhabitants, amazed by the fact that it is all possible by the magic of a ray of light.





I love meeting new creators, challenging projects, travelling all over the world, shooting with an alexa or a cell phone. If you want to talk about your next commercial, experimental, web series, short or feature, documentary, VR experience, or just want to say Hi! go for it.
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